Horse Boarding

Full Stall Care:
$400 per month
The horse will get some round pen time
on a rotating basis with other full stall care horses.
Horses will be fed twice a day and hay will be
provided three times a day.

Stall Boarding:
$300 per month
For stall board,they come in from the
field and stay in for about 8 hours
depending on the time of the year and
how hot or cold it is. This includes
us feeding your horse twice and day
and cleaning the stall once a day. If the
horses want it they will also get hay.

Pasture Boarding:
$200 Per month
Horses graze on at least 25 acres
and as conditions permit grazing is expanded up to 50
acres. There is a large run in barn
in the middle of the field for shelter.
Roll bales are fed in the winter and early spring.

Horse Menu:
9% sweet feed from Tapps Feed in Shelbyville.

Alfalfa/orchard grass hay that is grown
and baled on the farm. We also purchase top quality
orchard grass/timothy for horses that do not need alfalfa

We are happy to feed supplements provided by the owner as requested.

For more information please email us at or call Samantha (Sammy) 502-643-6584!